I coach people to MOVE BETTER.

Once you can move better, everything improves. I teach you how to take off the brakes, to remove the restrictions that have built up over time, and allow you the freedom that your body was designed to experience.

Most people have very limited mobility, and that limits your options. Most people's mobility also reduces as they age - but it doesn't have to be that way! Our bodies adapt to the environment we put them in - I can teach you to adopt a new environment in ways that rekindle the youthful mobility you used to have.

I coach people to BE STRONGER.

Getting stronger is an amazing way to improve yourself in so many ways. Strength is your capacity. Strength is resilience. Strength is age-defying. 

I coach people to develop strength from the inside (core) first - have you ever known someone or seen someone demonstrate strength that just seems way beyond what you expected? That is someone with a truly strong core, who understands how to correctly align themselves and engage in such a way as to produce phenomenal results. This is a learned skill that anyone can develop, and is exactly what I will teach you to do.



My time is £50 per hour, for all services.

I am able to provide shorter or longer sessions should your needs / budget require it.

Therapy sessions are purchased individually

Consultations are purchased individually

Coaching sessions are purchased in blocks of 3

Once sessions are purchased,

they are valid for 90 days.

All payments are made in advance, either by cash or via bank transfer.


  • Payment is strictly in advance (cash or bank transfer only).

  • Once booked in, please commit to your chosen session times. Other clients are booked in too, so last minute alterations are generally not possible.

  • If you are late for a session, your session may still end at the scheduled time - this may result in not all of the scheduled work being completed.

  • If I am late for a session I will offer a discount and / or free additional time.

  • Non-adherence to the stipulations can result in the termination of the agreement.



Firstly we should properly prepare for activity. I will teach you how and why to correctly prepare the body for what is to come, to maximise results whilst minimising the risks of injury.

Sessions begin with light mobility to remove any undue tightness, to find your current day to day level. From there we delve deeper with mobility work, combined with stabilising positions. I will teach you how to engage the right muscles at the right time in the right positions. This is the "how" of what you do, and how you do things will determine the results.

This leads us into movement patterning - teaching you to articulate, segment, and align your body to produce force whilst minimising risk. This part of your session works to make you stronger and better conditioned, all whilst teaching you to move better. This section can be scaled from single, simple movements, to complex chains of movements stitched seamlessly together in a flow - all according to your current ability, and can be delivered through ANY medium -

Bodyweight only


Flexibility & mobility / postural work


Strength training

Maces & clubs

Martial arts

Resiliency training

Training for sports

Et cetera...

Whatever you do, it all comes down to moving well, with strength & purpose.

The final section will teach you how to properly "cool down", to alleviate the tension built up during activity so that we do not suffer DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). In addition to teaching you how to do this correctly, I can also take you through facilitated stretching and positioning, bringing about even greater results. How we finish our practice not only determines how we feel in the coming days, but also plays a part in our long term retention of results.

Lastly... I will assign you homework. It is an important and integral part of the learning process - taking personal responsibility for our development long term, and removing the need for a constant watchful eye. Repetition is the mother of retention, and we are what we repeatedly do. I coach you on how and what to do, you repeat the parts that you can perform well on your own.

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