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Welcome to the first post showcasing YOGABELLS! The rebranding of BodyQuest Kettlebell Gym to YOGABELLS has begun... What I am now offering is hopefully a new perspective on what fitness means. For far too long fitness has been about aethetics, and too often at the detriment of health. The mainstream media plays hugely on body-shaming in order to perpetuate myths about fitness, in order to generate revenue for large companies. Think about it - how many people have joined a commercial gym, and for years have dutifully jogged for miles on treadmills and sat in machines performing endless light weight repititions that have lead nowhere? How often have these same people followed a low-fat diet only to get fatter? How often have these people followed a detox diet that changed absolutely nothing?

Isn't it about time you questioned WHY you never got results that way?

I am offering a different perspective - your workouts and your nutrition should be based on health, not aesthetics. If you train to be mobile, strong, healthy and fit; trust me, the 'look' you desire will follow as a natural side effect!

Using primarily kettlebells & yoga, I will show you how to achieve true health & fitness. I love what I do and I am passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. Get in touch, and see what YOGABELLS can do for you! Namaste.

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