3 Things You NEED To Get Results

Consistency – Technique – Intensity #1. Be consistent. Much like the tortoise and the hare, consistently (regularly) plodding through will eventually get you to where you want to be. It is sticking to you gym program diligently that will eventually show results. It is attending your gym classes every week that will eventually show results. In fact, this is the only factor that will succeed without the other two! Sure, your results will be hampered, you won't quite achieve maybe what you set out to achieve, but being consistent will trump everything else. If you merely attended both my Tuesday and my Thursday kettlebell classes every week without every skipping a class, you will surprise yourself at the results you can obtain. You may be surprised to find out that my kettlebell classes form the base of what I do. They give me the strength and mobility to go on and do other things. If I recommended nothing else, it would be to attend those two classes every week without fail (hopefully combining that will Technique & Intensity!). #2. Perfect Technique. Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. How you specifically perform a movement will determine what you get out of it. If your technique sucks, at best you just won't reap the benefits, because you won't be engaging what you need to get the best out of the exercise. If you're deadlifting and you're pushing your knees forward and dropping your hips, then you are engaging your quads instead of your hamstrings. You just won't get the stronger posterior chain that you should from deadlifting. At worst, you're setting yourself up to get injured, for putting yourself into a compromised position during an exercise. Repeating a movement won't fix it unless you're repeating it correctly. Whatever you do will be engrained, so do it right first time, every time. #3. Intensity! This is the missing component to most people's training. The lack of intensity is to blame for their lack of results! You can have the best coach in the world. You can have the most well-equipped training facility in the world. You can have the most well devised progressive training program ever created – but if you do not apply yourself you will never achieve anything. Intensity is focus, drive determination... Attacking your workout with purpose. It is likely no more than 60 minutes; often less. That's a short enough period of time to push yourself hard – get out of that damn comfort zone! It isn't time to chat, it isn't time to look good. It is time to work HARD. Only with that uncomfortable effort, that hard-to-breath, that muscle-burning, that I-want-to-quit-so-badly-right-now feeling; will you be able to break free from your old self and forge a new, stronger, tougher, fitter, faster, leaner you. Let me say it again. THE REASONS PEOPLE DON'T ACHIEVE RESULTS IS A LACK OF CONSISTENCY, POOR TECHNIQUE AND A LACK OF INTENSITY. I don't care if you do kettlebells or zumba. I don't care if you like muscle-isolating machines at a commercial gym or if you enjoy lifting Atlas stones or flipping tyres. INTENSITY = RESULTS. Lack of intensity = 99% of the population who are complaining about how 'this' and 'that' just didn't work for 'them'. Nonsense. Anything will work. Do what you love doing, and do it with intensity. It will work. Period. And show up. Regularly! If you cannot even commit to regular exercise, quite frankly, you don't deserve results. Harsh but true. Being honest with yourself about your priorities is the only way to change in order to start achieving.

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