Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Firstly, kettlebells are, quite simply put, one of the best single pieces of equipment you can use to get the results you desire. whether you're looking to build strength, wanting to improve cardiovascular fitness, or just start moving better; a single kettlebell will get there. Sure you could use several tools and several methodologies to get you there, but in fitness as in all things, simpler is better; complicated is unnecessary. Don't look for what you can add to your training program, look for what you can remove. Everything you do should be in line with your goal.

"Keep the goal the goal" - Dan John.

"Hard & simple are the keys to big & strong" - Mark Rippetoe.

"Doing the perfect kettlebell swing alone is superior to 99% of the sophisticated strength and conditioning programs out there." - Pavel Tsatsouline.

Secondly, one of the (many) things I like about kettlebell training is the risk/reward ratio. It is far more favourable than that of the barbell. My 'go-to' kettlebell weight is a 24kg. Sometimes I go heavier (a 32kg bell in the video), sometimes I go lighter, but mostly I hang out with the 24kg bell. I put 24kg of stress onto my body, and that gives me the strength to deadlift 200kg, squat 150kg and bench 125kg, all for reps. Not huge numbers by any means, but decent enough. I could talk about the diminishing returns I have to push beyond that, but that's a topic for another day.

Most people who barbell lift those numbers will be regularly placing their bodies under the strain of weights pretty close to those numbers, in order to achieve the same. I place my body under far less load, which means my injury risk is far lower, and my longevity is far higher. I believe in using the minimum dose to get the job done; anything beyond it is wasteful and unnecessary.

Lastly, kettlebells are not as easy to use as dumbbells & barbells. Most people can pick up dumbbells or barbells and show some degree of competency ( okay, I use that term loosely!); kettlebells require technical instruction to be used properly. However, once that's done, the world is definitely your oyster. Not only will you be weight-lifting, but you will have developed a greater skill in moving better. That will translate into many other 'movements', giving you a greater degree of favourable crossover from your training. It will enhance any other training you may do (martial arts practice for example), and enhance your quality of life.

"A weight is not that impressive. People move heavy things poorly all the time. Skill is impressive. Chase that instead." - StrongFirst.

As always, if you are looking to take a different direction in your health & fitness, contact me. I'd love to be a part of your journey.


Alex Kay.

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