Wanting to lose weight & tone up? Read this first...

So many people when questioned about their health & fitness goals, will answer with “weight-loss” as their number 1 pick, closely followed by “toning up”.

For conscientious people who work in the fitness industry, this is a misnomer. People are lead to believe that weight-loss should be their goal, when in fact fat-loss would be a better goal, or "better body composition" would be an ideal goal.

Caveat – The greater the amount of bodyfat you hold, the more “overall size reduction” is important. The closer you get to a healthy bodyweight, the less important weight-loss is, and the more important body composition becomes.

Let's imagine 3 test subjects. All 3 people weigh 70kg and have a bodyfat percentage of 30%, and want to “lose weight and tone up”.

Jane just follows a calorie restricted diet.

Amber makes healthier food choices in combination with a reduction in calories.

Lucy makes healthier food choices, joins a gym, and actually increases her calorie intake to fuel her training.

Jane loses 7kg in weight.

Amber loses 7kg in fat.

Lucy improves her body composition at the same weight.

Weight-loss is often a combination of water, muscle and fat. Jane is now 63kg, but is still 30% bodyfat, so although technically smaller, doesn't look any better for it (no more athletic, no leaner looking).

Fat-loss is just fat-loss. Amber also now weighs 63kg, but has a bodyfat percentage of 22% approximately. Amber is smaller, and also looks leaner for it.

Lucy is still 70kg, but has improved her body composition / reduced her bodyfat by 10%, which means she has not only lost fat, but she has actually gained lean tissue. Lucy will look the leanest and most athletic – or toned – of the 3 women.

The reality is if you saw Jane, Amber & Lucy, you would say Lucy looked in the best shape, even though she weighed more than the other 2. Amber would look better than Jane, even though they both weighed the same.

So what is the answer? How do we really lose weight and tone up? We need to make healthier food choices in the correct quantities to fuel the activities we are doing. What activities best support a lean and healthy physique? Heavy resistance training, combined with both high & low intensity cardio.

  • Healthy food choices

  • Heavy resistance training

  • High intensity cardio

  • Low intensity cardio

That's it – not necessarily easy, but definitely simple and effective.

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