Mobility & Strength are not mutually exclusive!

Mobility & strength are not mutually exclusive. Recently I read an article by Max Shank, talking about the dangers of having a very strong strict kettlebell press, and a comparatively weak bottoms up press. I believe when there is a disparity between versions of the same lift, there is a greater propensity for injury.

I train (both myself and my students) to have greater access to latent strength across a much broader range of mobility. Ido Portal says if you are only strong in straight lines, then you are weak. Injuries occur where we don't train, so work to eliminate your weaknesses.

Work to gain strength in extended ranges of motion. This is not only injury prevention, but also focusing on longevity, greater quality of movement, and life in general.

Unless you have a specific reason to gain a huge amount of strength in one area (eg: powerlifting), it would be of far greater benefit to you to spread your strength out over a wider range of movements & motion. For someone like a powerlifter, their goal is to WIN in their chosen physical endevour, most often at all costs; in other words, to the detriment of something else. Without the goal to win in competition, you would be far better served at having a more general and balanced approach to your training.

As always, the WHY is most important!

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