Become a black belt in fitness

Become a Black Belt in fitness.

This is a concept I have been working on for a while.

The idea of approaching fitness (and by fitness I mean all aspects: strength, power, mobility, stability, endurance, cardiovascular, etc) the same way you would approach martial arts training. You would think of it as practice. You would attend all of the practice sessions without exception. You would hone your technique for months and even years, with strength and power coming or being applied AFTER your technique is good.

The concept is this:

Choose a fitness path: kettlebells, CrossFit, strength, bodybuilding, movement, calisthenics, yoga, parkour, weightlifting, powerlifting, etc - much as you would choose a particular martial art. Find a good coach, the same as you would find a sensei or sifu. Attend ALL of the training / practice sessions without failure or exception. Hone your technique first. Strength and power come later. Study up on your chosen activity. Expand your subject knowledge. Dedicate yourself to long term continuous practice. In years to come, you will earn your black belt.

Then the journey truly begins...

(Part #2 to follow soon)

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