Become a black belt in fitness (#2)

Empty your cup.

In order to become a black belt in fitness, you must first forget what you think you know. Too often, students approach a teacher with a preconceived idea of what they need to be doing. The student wants to learn to throw people over his shoulder, but instead the teacher shows the student how to fall. The student becomes frustrated, and sometimes leaves as a result - not realising or understanding that in order to throw, one must first learn how to fall.

This is true in fitness: the client approaches the trainer with a preconceived idea of what they need, of what they should be doing. A good trainer recognises the client lacks the prerequisites to jump straight into strength or power work, and begins with laying the groundwork - working on improving mobility to provide the correct structural positioning, learning how to properly engage the core to create stability underneath the load without leaking power, building the neural pathways for movement patterning...

This is the sort of foundation that if laid correctly, will support and allow continued growth for years to come whilst also minimising the risk of injury.

A bad trainer will just jump straight in and give the client what he wants, rather than what he needs. The client gets short term results, which are equally short lived. This client is all too familiar: it is the person who has the same complaints for years on end, and never truly progresses at all. All because they seek out trainers and methods that provide what they incorrectly believe to be true; they refuse to "empty the cup", they refuse to forget what they think they know - and as a result never experience worthwhile, long term or sustained results.

A good trainer envisages long term results for his clients, and does what is necessary to set their client up for continued growth for years to come.


My long term clients all display substantial feats of strength and movement, with continual progress whilst remaining injury free - a testament to the foundation work during the beginning of their training.

Ask yourself: have you truly progressed in the last few years, or are you still frustrated with the same lack of results, the same nagging aches and pains, the same mobility constraints? Isn't it time you tried a different approach?

Contact me to start your journey towards becoming a black belt in fitness.

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