Become a Black Belt in fitness #3

Develop your centre, and radiate outwards.

The black belt displays fast & powerful punches and kicks, more than his physicality suggests possible. To the untrained eye, the fists are powerful, the feet are fast. It is easy to mistakenly assume that the weapons or the black belt are the fists and the feet, but they are merely conduits. Beginners mistakenly focus heavily on the fist, on the feet. They move clumsily & slowly, unable to match the black belt with speed, precision or power. The harder they try to strike with the fists and feet, the slower and more cumbersome they seem.

Gradually they will learn that it is not the fist, nor the feet, that is the source of the black belt's power, but the lower centre of the body, sometimes referred to as "hara" - the sea of energy. The black belt will begin his technique there, and use the entirety of the body to generate and transfer the power, ultimately releasing it through the fist or foot. The fist or foot is merely a conduit, an effective pathway to deliver the full power of the body.

In fitness, the lower centre of our body is referred to as the "core", and this is where our true strength and power begins. If we focus all our attention on the extremities without developing the core, we are weak. There is no strength in the extremities without the core. There is no mobility or stability in the extremities if it doesn't first exist in our core.

In fitness, our mobility, our stability, our strength, power & endurance radiates from our core; If you have a strong core, capable of both mobilising and stabilising, you can generate that strength outwards through the extremities.

It starts in our core, our centre, our "hara" first - or not at all.

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