The "HOW" of getting results

Doing what I do, I get questioned very often about how someone can achieve the same for themselves. The question I want you to ask, is “how”? How you practice something will determine the type of results you eventually experience.

Practice doesn't make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect! Whatever you practice, you will get better at, so make sure it's really what you want – if you practice in a sloppy fashion, you will get sloppy results.

My “how” is all about being mindful about how I am moving: every single part of your body will have a particular way that it should be aligned during an exercise or movement.

By focusing on ensuring that everything is positioned exactly as it should be, you build up a neural pathway (muscle memory) which makes you technique highly defined, like an Olympic gymnast.

My other how is is all about consistency; I ensure that I build up enough regular repetition over time to ingrain my ability.

What I get asked is “which exercise should I do for …” when that is the wrong question. The reason why I get the results I do is only partially down to choosing more efficient exercises, but mostly down to how I perform them, and how often I perform them.

Concentrate on strict, technical alignment – remember, every part of you will have a correct alignment, so ask yourself: what are my hands doing? What are my feet doing? How is my pelvis positioned? Where should my shoulder blades be, where should I be looking? All of this is important and cannot be ignored, as well as building up sufficient volume over time.

Take home message:

Pay attention to detail, and be consistent.

Don't just work hard – more isn't better, only better is better. Mastery is not a function of genius, nor talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.

** picture: 70kg barbell Turkish Get Up **

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