Alex Kay is a living legend. His deep and profound understanding of movement is unparalleled, especially when paired up with his undying passion to spread the joy that sound movement can bring. A coach with this much insight, passion and generosity is a rare gem indeed. Alex, thank you for constantly delivering such useful content to the world.

Jim Romig  - Founder of Internal Roots Movement


Facebook - Jim Romig

Instagram - @jimromig

Alex is one of the most knowledgeable, honest and legit fitness professionals in the industry. And I'm particular about who I associate with. If you go to his gym, you are in good hands.

Kevin Rail - Owner of Restore Your Fitness, BS Sport Management, SFG1 Kettlebell Instructor, ACSM, NASM & ACE certified


Facebook - Kevin Rail

Instagram - trainer_rail

I will recommend Alex to everybody!! Amazing person, full of knowledge, passion and heart for every person coming in.

Karolina Kruszewska - Kettlebell & Yoga enthusiast

Facebook - Karolina Kruszewska

"Alex is a rare professional who is constantly seeking new ways of expanding his own knowledge of biomechanics, as well as studying many diverse fitness disciplines / certifications, to educate and enrich his clients in their athletic pursuits. What he offers is functionally sound, intelligent, and geared for health longevity. I am equally delighted and envious of his students. He is a gem."

Alla Bevzenko - Professional Fitness & Nutrition Educator

Facebook - Alla Bevzenko

Instagram - fitfoodboutique

"Alex is exceptional at what he does. His classes / PT covers it all for me - strength, movement, flexibility and overall fitness / cardio. My balance has improved beyond belief. The classes are always slightly different, so there is a constant element of development. But what astounds me the most is what good shape you get in and how fit you really become. It wasn't until I tried something else when I realised that I was totally able to "hold my own", and this was solely down the Alex's classes ticking all the boxes. It really does translate to every aspect. I cannot recommend his kettlebell teaching highly enough."

Nicky Soar - Strength & Fitness enthusiast, and mum to two teenagers

Instagram @nickie777

"He goes above and beyond in helping each individual person. There is a friendly atmosphere where everyone can work to their own ability. He offers additional advice after each class which is helpful. There are always alternative exercises so you can develop at your own pace, particularly useful if you are struggling with an injury or new to the class."

Tom Soar - Nickie's son

"I will not hesitate to recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for something different to what mainstream gyms offer! His passion for health and fitness is captivating and very informative. BodyQuest Kettlebell Gym is definitely the place to be."

Cermora Westmacott - Owner of Majestic Body Quest - Physique Performance Personal Training

Majestic Body Quest Blog

Facebook - Cermora Westmacott

"Alex is a great teacher and his classes are very professional and never boring. If you attend his classes on a regular basis you will get fitter and fitter, and realise the real you, and your fitness potential."

Nick G Coward - Strongman, artist & musician

Facebook - Nick G Coward

"I have been attending Alex's classes for over 10 years. After a brief break when training with a local running club took over I returned to doing the yoga and Kettlebell regularly on a weekly basis. During the time I wasn't training with Alex I tried other group classes and did my own strength training at a local gym. I found the other classes lacking in the coaching and intelligent approach to training that Alex provided. I stopped the classes and continued just to train myself. Injury and gaps in my own knowledge caused me to return to Alex's classes. His gym provides a safe friendly environment to train and has a more personal feel than a commercial gym. The classes and his skill at coaching and delivering information has taught me how to do exercises correctly and safely and gain the knowledge necessary to train effectively and get the results I was after."

Collette Frampton - Competitive runner, Strength & Fitness enthusiast, Competitive kettlebell-sport lifter

Facebook - Collette Frampton

Instagram - @collette_80

"Awesome trainer, great combination of knowledge, mobility and strength. Alex is continually educating himself and his clients, which shows his passion for his art."

Neil Meekings - Health and Fitness Coach, Sports Therapist, Seminar Promoter, Business Owner, Motivationalist, lead instructor at PERSIAN YOGA UK

Facebook - Neil Meekings

Facebook - Persian Yoga UK

Instagram - @momentumfitness13

"The knowledge, the challenges, the progressions, the welcoming environment, the variety, the community, THE BEST GYM YOU'LL EVER GO TO! All you need to bring is commitment and be consistent!"

Sandy Pass - Sport therapist & Sports Massage Practitioner

Owner of SPASM: Sports Massage & Injury Management

Facebook - Sandy Pass

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