Bringing what I offer directly to your facility

I am available to coach workshops, seminars & master classes in your own facility, directly to your own tribe, or you can open it up to the wider public fitness community. I take bookings from 2 hours to a full day, and anything in-between. Travelling is a consideration and is negotiated separately from the coaching time.

Below are some of the usual options I am contacted to provide, but please look through my site (and my Facebook and Instagram profiles) for anything else that might interest you, or contact me to discuss your needs.


  • travelling time may be arranged separately 

  • Specific, technical coaching to your group

  • Content tailored to your groups requirements


One of the best, and most complex, moves you can perform with the kettlebell (and other tools!) is the TURKISH GET UP. My personal best is a 75kg TGU at a bodyweight of 85kg which is about 88% of my bodyweight. The reason I can do this is precision with technique, and a deep understanding of the movement. I have also perfomed a TGU MARATHON, completing 500 TGUs with a 24kg bell in 4 hours 10 minutes (1 rep every 30 seconds).

I can coach a TURKISH GET UP workshop in your facility going into as much detail as you would like to receive! I can offer an additional coaching segment on kettlebell training, in either traditional hard style, Girevoy (kettlebell sport), or my own style which sits between the two and has produced phenomenal results both for myself and my students.


Kettlebells are probably the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK tool out there, because they are the most versatile. Unfortunately, they are also the most abused and misunderstood tool out there too. There is most definitely a skill element to using bells, which needs to be coached regardless of a trainer's other abilities.

I can coach fundamentals, advanced techniques & principles, as well as specifically hard style, KB sport, or freestyle.

The incredible amount of transference (mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance) you can get from kettlebells means that this should be your NUMBER 1 tool when it comes to athletic performance, especially for people involved in combat sports.


As a movement coach, one of the most important things I can coach is getting people to see & understand the complexities of human movement. It is only through this as a BASE that I am able to achieve literally everything else I do. Subtle nuances make all the difference in performance, the difference between winning & losing.

I can provide far better ways to prepare for your usual exercise activities, and to actively recover from them. I have developed what I term the APE principle: which covers PREPARATION, ARTICULATION, ACTIVATION & STIMULATION. By doing this you set yourself up to not only get a shit-ton more benefit from your usual activities, but greatly reduce your risks as well.


If you are looking to offer something special at your facility from time to time, a Master Class is a great way to go. I can offer sessions specific to tools such as Kettlebells, Steel Maces or Bodyweight, or systems such as Yoga and/or Animal Flow. My movement master classes can often be a breath of fresh air, opening a new understanding and appreciation for movement skills, both basic requirements & fun or fancier possibilities.

Movement classes can be tailored to specific audiences such as BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and even stand-up combat sports like Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Understanding how to move more effectively will improve performance in terms of power output, endurance and energy conservation.


I am a firm believer in creating communities, and I highly advocate small group training. If you have a small group of friends interested in training together, I would be happy to lead your mini-tribe through a course of workouts, plus homework sessions if required, as a bonus.

This training can be done in your own facility (by your arrangement), or in an open public park.

The investment is £60 per session, groups of 2 to 12 people, with a minimum advance booking of 5 sessions (1 per week).

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

  • Maces - maximum of 5 people

  • Animal Flow - Unleash your inner beasts!

  • Yoga - Unwind, re-awaken & re-invigorate yourselves

  • Movement - Find the joy of moving freely again

Get a group of like-minded friends together, form your tribe, and start a new practice together that will transform you!


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